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CNZ Creative Communities Scheme (CCS)

The CNZ Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) helps to fund local arts projects.

Each year Creative New Zealand provides CCS funding to city and district councils throughout New Zealand to distribute in their area.  The scheme supports more than 1,800 projects every year.

Each of the 10 District Councils in the Waikato region administers it’s own Creative Communities Scheme funds. Applicants should apply to the District(s) where the project takes place

 The Creative Communities Scheme and Creative NZ contestable grants are one of the few funding sources that will fund individual applicants and non-registered groups.

Please note:  If you have received a Quick Response Grant or Arts Grant from Creative New Zealand, you cannot receive funding from the Creative Communities Scheme for the same project.


Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) Funding – Hamilton City 

Creative Waikato administers CCS funding on behalf of Hamilton City Council.

The 2017/18 CCS funding round closing dates are:

  • Thursday 31 August 2017  (project must start after 13 Oct 2017)
  • Friday 30 March 2018   (project must start on or after 18 May 2018)

Before You Start

Before you prepare your application you should read the Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide. This guide tells you:

  • whether you are able to apply for Creative Communities Scheme funding for your project
  • which projects and costs are eligible and ineligible
  • what information you will need to include in your application

Priority will be given to applications that show alignment with the Hamilton Arts Agenda and one of it's five Strategic Themes -  Spaces and Places; Toi Maori; Creative Economy; Engagement; Promotion

If you are applying to this fund for the first time it is recommended that you discuss your project with our Funding and Development Advisor prior to applying.

One-on-One appointments are available.  Please contact us to arrange a time.

Email: adrienne "at"     Phone: 027 427 8924

All applications must be made online using the Hamilton City Council Smartygrants tool.  Hardcopy applications will not be accepted.

This SmartyGrants funding management tool has been developed by Our Community through its best practice grants management division, the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM). All forms meet the web content accessibility guidelines version 2.0 published by the World Wide Web Consortium meaning they are accessible to people using screen readers and other adaptive technology. Any data submitted as part of a Hamilton City Council/Creative Waikato funding application is only available to Hamilton City Council and Creative Waikato. It is a cloud based tool that meets all requirements for information security and privacy.

Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) Criteria

Projects that get funded support at least one of the following:

  • Access and participation – create opportunities for local communities to engage with, and participate in local arts activities. 

    • performances by community choirs, hip-hop groups, theatre companies, musicians or poets
    • workshops on printmaking, writing, dancing, or other creative forms
    • development of new tukutuku, whakairo or kowhaiwhai for a local marae
    • exhibitions by local craft groups promoting weaving, pottery and carving
    • festivals featuring local artists
    • creation of a community film or a public artwork by a community
    • artist residencies involving local artists or communities
    • seminars for local development
  • Diversity – support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities.

    • Workshops, rehearsals performances, festivals, or exhibitions;
      • in Maori or  Pasifika heritage or contemporary art forms
      • by local migrant communities
      • by groups with experience of disability or mental illness
    • Art projects bringing together groups from a range of different communities
  • Young People – enable young people (under 18 years) to engage with, and participate in the arts.

    • a groups of young people working with an artists to create a mural or street art
    • a group of young people creating a film about an issue that is important to them
    • printing a collection of writing by young people
    • music workshops for young people
    • an exhibition of visual art work by young people

Get information on writing a good application by reading the CCS Application Guide

Read the updated guidelines for projects which involve schools

Download the CCS Brochure in English or Maori.  Other languages are available - please contact us.


Hamilton City CCS

Currently closed for applications. Next closing date is 30 March 2018, 5.00pm. Applications open mid-Feb 2018.


Read the CCS Application Guide

Use the Creative NZ project-budget-template

One-on-One appointment times are available. Please contact us to make a time.

Successful applicants - Sept 2016March 2016Sept 2015March 2015


Publicity logos for Successful Applicants

Download the Hamilton City CCS logo

Download the Creative Waikato logo


Waikato District Closing Dates (contact individual Councils for details)
remember - you apply to where the project is taking place 

Hauraki District Council: 

Matamata-Piako District Council:  

Otorohanga District Council: 

Ruapehu District Council: 

South Waikato District Council: 

Thames-Coromandel District Council:

Waikato District Council: 

Waipa District Council: 

Waitomo District Council: