Our team

Our greatest asset is our team. We work for a bold and ambitious arts sector that makes our region stronger.


Jeremy Mayall

Interim CEO

Composer, researcher, artist, and collaborator. Makes things happen. Believes that art reimagines the world as it can be.


Adrienne Clothier

Funding & Development

Number cruncher. Chocolate muncher. Provides support and advice with the financial side of creative practice working hard behind the scenes. Occasionally found on stage.


Paul Bradley

Creative Development

Arts guy. Excited about the power of creativity to transform lives and communities.

Michelle Crowfoot

Era Peihopa

Creative Development    Toi Māori

Creative thinker and people-linker. Toi advocate and kaitautoko. A doer with hearty Māori pride!


Craig McClure

Creative Development

Agent of creativity and passionate about the industry. A storyteller who uses drawing as a way of thinking. 

Alexis Holmes

Alexis Holmes

Arts Creative Connector

A creative’s little helper. Social media, newsletter and space creator. Musical theatre nerd with a flexible attitude for the arts and passion for dancing.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Creative Development

An alternating current, conducting creativity across the circuits of our region to produce light.


Monica Helbano

Communications & Marketing

Arts amplifier and creative extractor. Mining daily to discover art as gold – striking, valuable and holding the power to transform lives.