Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the Waikato New Works Incubator?

How does the programme work?

First about 12 works are selected. The people responsible for those works join a 5-6 day group session to develop the work. Think of it as an incubator, or 'creative lab'. In these sessions (might be one week or split over two weekends) you'll workshop your concepts with the help of industry experts. These might be dramaturgs, writers, directors, choreographers - whatever it is the group needs. We will tailor the development team around the works that are chosen.

You'll learn how to evolve and nurture your ideas, bringing them into clearer from. You will test and challenge your ideas, ensuring they are the best version of your work they can be. You'll learn about pitching and articulating your concept and you will test it with peer groups.

You'll then be invited back to pitch the work to go to the next stage. The works that are showing the strongest future potential will progress to the next phase.

This groups will probably be about half the size of the original group. These projects will go into a Masterclass which again will be run over a week or two long weekends. In this Masterclass you will take refinement to the next level with the help of specialists in the field you are working.

Again, after a period of development time, the projects will represent and likely 2 or three will be chosen as finalists.

There final works will be ready to go to full production and Creative New Zealand has made a commitment to fund these works to this stage.

** There is a diagram, with approximate timings of the whole process in the Information and Application Form


How many new works will be accepted into the programme?

We are aiming to take between 8 and 12 projects into the programme at the first stage.

What if we don't make it to the second or third stage?

All phases of the programme are really valuable. If you don’t progress to the second stage, you’ll still have gained invaluable experience. Also, as works exit the programme, they will receive guidance as how to move forward independently.

What does the programme cost?

There is no cost to you. Only your time and commitment. The programme is funded by Creative New Zealand and delivered by Creative Waikato.

Who will the tutor, facilitators or mentors be?

Once we have identified the works that will go into the programme we will find the right people to mentor you.  We will look for the very best and most experienced practitioners in your field across the country. 

Who choses who gets in?

There is a panel of about 10 local leaders in the arts sector who sit on the steering committee and selection panel.  We have ensured we have experts from as many diverse parts of the performing arts sector as we can. Check them out here.

What happens if you make it through to be one of the final works?

Then things get extra exciting. Creative NZ have committed to funding these works to full production.

Do I have to be from the Waikato?

Yup, you have to live and practice here.  It's all about nurturing local artists.

Do I have to have experience?

Not necessarily.  We will need to see evidence of commitment, willingness to learn and maturity, but sometimes the best ideas come from a raw place, so we are open to your ideas.