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Calendar > Of Dreams and Hopes and Love - Ailene Cuthbertson

Of Dreams and Hopes and Love - Ailene Cuthbertson

Come, catch glimpses of heroines who swirl and fly through adventures. Where will their stories take you?

Follow Paige and her dream that she will one day be twirling, skirts flying and pointe shoes whispering, through a peasant village bathed in stage lights. She dances a story of love, joy, heartbreak, revenge, and an ultimate act of forgiveness, in the hauntingly romantic ballet, Giselle.

Come with Elena and discover what inspired her love of dance: one of the greatest love stories you’ve probably never heard of. Long ago, against the backdrop of the lavish Ottoman Empire, a Ruthenian slave girl captured the heart of a sultan. He named her Hürrem, “the cheerful one”, and wrote poems to her eyes.

And see what happens when an artist reads too many fantasy novels and steps into her own wondrous adventures. Explore the wasteland of the fire dancers, awaken legends, seek a Waylight, feel the fire...

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  • Fri May 26 - Mon Jun 26 2017

Opening times

10 am - 5 pm


ArtsPost Galleries & Shop
120 Victoria Street

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General admission


ArtsPost Galleries & Shop
Phone 07 838 6928

120 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand
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