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The Wallace Gallery Morrinsville in collaboration with Two Rooms: Contemporary Art Gallery Auckland are proud to present: Materialsed: Curated by Rohan Hartley Mills and Glen Snow

6th - 28th May 2017
opening preview: Saturday 6th May (11 am - 1 pm)
Main Gallery
Featuring: AT Biltereyest, Judy Darragh, Fergus Feehily, Selina Foote, Rohan Hartley Mills, Noel Ivanoff, Julia Morrison
John Nixon, Kim Pieters, and Glen Snow

(Below is a brief introduction to the full text for the exhibition Materialsed Curated by Rohan Hartley Mills and Glen Snow. For the full text please visit the show and or contact the gallery)

“My collaborator Glen Snow and I had the idea for this show back in 2013. Our aim was to bring together local and international artists that we felt had an awareness in their practice addressing ideas of painting as ‘object’. As fellow painter-builders, we set about putting this exhibition together, to join a contemporary dialogue in painting conducted on an international level. Materialised presents a selection of working processes that highlight the subtleties of building a painting within the language of abstraction. Some of the chosen works reveal expressive qualities whilst remaining minimal. Others feature sculptural propositions executed with a painter’s sensibility. These accents, when brought together demonstrate a collective appreciation of painting that step outside of its accustomed marker of the picture-as-a-window. These paintings are to be looked at rather than looked into or through.”
Rohan Hartley Mills, March 2017

It is the contention of this exhibition that such contemporary painters as AT Biltereyest, Judy Darragh, Fergus Feehily, Selina Foote, Rohan Hartley Mills, Noel Ivanoff, Julia Morrison,John Nixon, Kim Pieters, and myself, Glen Snow, extend the grounds for understanding painting practice materially: as object. Such painting, focused in on its matter, might be termed the pictureobject.

Materialised is a small showing of nine artists brought together to frame a discussion of the material aspects of their work. As a title, it suggests what has become manifest, been made physically perceptible, or become fact before us. This is the real, realised after a process involving actions and responses to materials being handled. The realisation of each small reality is a continual give and take that embodies artist and materials as if in ‘negotiation,’ so that issues of agency are borne through the work and the body of the artist and back again.

The paintings gathered here all work without the representations of observable objects. Yet rather than resorting to familiar handles such as abstract painting or non-objective art, I am preferring to think of them as pictureobjects. They all insist, after all, on occupying the wall as a register of the picture plane. Yet in resisting any explicit picturing of objects they have become the thing to be pictured before us, the object itself.
Glen Snow, March 2017

(Image credit: Fergus Feehily, Garden Lux 2013. Artwork courtesy of Two Rooms Gallery)

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  • Sat May 6-Sun 28 2017

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Wallace Gallery
167 Thames st

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