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Calendar > There’s More To Me Than Me - LUSHx2

There’s More To Me Than Me - LUSHx2

There’s More to Me than Me takes its inspiration from the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s work Poetics of Space [1]. He argued that for reverie and imagination to flourish, we need spaces and places in which to linger and loiter, muse and mope, ponder and percolate. These nooks and crannies encourage us to pause long enough to float through the doors of our imaginings, go somewhere else, be someone other than who we currently are.

Virginia Woolf [2] agreed. In 1929 she wrote “In order to (write) you need a private income and a room of one’s own”. She said this in an era when male-dominated university colleges had income enough to allow the students and dons the luxury of solitude and space in which to think; a luxury women at the time didn’t often share. Virginia articulated that thought last century (she had both private income and solitude in which to think) but the premise still stands; everyone, regardless of gender, needs a space in which their body and mind can rest so their imagination can play.

On the surface,this showis an installation by 10 ceramists. Using materials other than clay, each person has made one or more stand-alone works that reflect things that are important to them; demonstrating that there is always more to ME than the habitually seen.

Secondly, these crafted components, made by different people about different parts of their lives, come together to create a new entity with a purpose and meaning of its own; it creates a new Me. It is an entity with an interior architecture and landscape, that offers both a setting of corners and corridors for musing, mulling and dreaming in, and a door through which you can enter.

So, will you take up the invitation to enter? Post-Modernists always say that the viewer becomes a co-creator/contributor to the work because they bring yet another Me to the room. You move from being a passive viewer to an active contributor by having opinions, reactions, responses and insights. Throughout this installation you will be invited, seduced and enticed to loiter, linger, mull and muse in order to roam free in a corner of your own.

[1] Bachelard, Gaston, La poetique de l’espace, 1958, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris

[2] Woolf, Virginia, A Room of One’s Own, 1929, Hogarth Press, UK

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  • Fri May 26 - Mon Jun 26 2017

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