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A Carving in Ice Theatre production
Caress/Ache by Suzie Miller

Directed by Gaye Poole

Cast: Mandy Faulkner, Cian Gardner, Megan Goldsman, Richard Homan, Calum Hughes, Mary Rinaldi, David Simes.
Stage Manager: Missy Mooney
Lighting and Sound: James Smith
Graphic Design: Vincent Owen

Note : mature content and explicit sexual language

A brilliant surgeon can no longer bear to touch the living. Two voices connect fleetingly over the phone. A desperate mother begs to embrace her son one last time. A young woman seeks atonement. Disparate lives interweave, intersect, collide and connect in the most unexpected of ways. This is our world - where some long for the electrical charge of human contact, others flee it, and lives turn on the smallest moments of intimacy. Suzie Miller's play reveals humanity in all its messy complexity.

"Touch my skin, go on, feel it, feel the heat of me. Hit me, scratch me, feel the pulse of me."

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Wed Jun 28 2017


Thu Jun 29 2017


Fri Jun 30 2017



Gaslight Theatre
8 Alpha St

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20.00
Concession: $10.00

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Recommended for adults

8 Alpha St, Cambridge, New Zealand
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