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Calendar > The Ninth Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk

The Ninth Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk

It's the ninth annual Circle Jerk. We all know Hamilton has insanely talented bands, so what better way to celebrate music than to celebrate your own backyard!

Over ten bands on one night playing covers of Hamilton bands past and present and their own creations! Come join the mayhem and malarkey that is the Hamilton Circle Jerk!

It all started from an idea formulated by a local musician Mark Tupuhi that germinated into a music event. The rules are simple: each band must perform two covers of songs by other Hamilton bands/musicians, past or present, and one of their own. Indeed, seeing the love shown by local musicians for their rich local musical history, expressed by their enthusiastic covering of each other's songs, was not lost on this local ideas man, hence the appropriately and colourfully titled Circle Jerk was born.

Following the tradition from where it first began, the event showcases the diversity of musical talent and genres Hamilton has to offer, between 10 to 15 bands playing on one night. The Circle Jerk features artists from differing genres including reggae, alt-country, indie, electronic, shoegaze, hard core, post rock and anything else you can throw into the mix.

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge
Knights of The DUB Table
Rumpus Room
Glass Shards
Wolf Wizard
Looking For Alaska
Date Month Year
Hedge Fund Trader
Occasional G

$10 on the door! 7pm start, all ages and licensed venue.

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  • Sat Sep 2 2017, 7.00pm


The Meteor
1 Victoria St
Central City

Ticket Information

Door sales: $10.00

Door sales only


General admission, licensed



1 Victoria St, Hamilton , New Zealand
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