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Calendar > The Agenbite Of Inwit

The Agenbite Of Inwit

Wallace Gallery Morrinsville
Main Gallery

Paintings by Paul Hutchinson
Assemblages by Dale Copeland

An uncompromising look at the realities.

Middle English Ayenbite of Inwyt - often translated poetically as ‘the remorse of conscience’ but more literally it is ‘the again-biting of inner wit’, or the again-and-always pain of looking inwards, of seeing self, of seeing the world without the filters of hope or expectations.

Paul Hutchinson, painter.
Hutchinson has been a full-time artist for more than 40 years. For most of that time carrying the black dog of depression at his shoulders. He writes: "I love the physical properties of paint, and for me the type of pigment used, and its intrinsic properties, are as important as the colour.While my work is always labelled ‘realism’ it is the dichotomy and dynamic between the physical paint and the depicted image that interests me most: before all else they are paintings.
I have no particular message to impart. Rather it is within the language of paint that I hope my eloquence lies."

Dale Copeland, assembler.
Eccentricity may be the wavering line between genius and insanity.
Copeland has travelled from nuclear physics and mathematics to computer programming and website-writing. But always making, always putting-together. Sometimes the serious mathematician, always the gleeful ‘magpie from Hell’, she is most at home when surrounded by the total chaos of the studio while bringing meticulous order to an assemblage: a collection of treasures which combine their lost histories to make a story of their own. Not an anecdotal story, but a song, a feeling, a descriptor of the pain and the glory of being human; the joy of being alive and the sombre reality of knowing your own mortality.
The philosophy of the found.

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  • Sat Sep 2-Sun 24 2017

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Wallace Gallery Morrinsville
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