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Calendar > Pieter Swanepoel: Sea Shifts

Pieter Swanepoel: Sea Shifts

SEA SHIFTS is an exhibition of paintings concerned with changes. The sea, with its ever shifting waves, tides and unpredictable weather patterns, becomes a metaphor for the many changes that occur during the art making process. The artist Pieter Swanepoel believes that a painting can never be complete of finished. The various works on exhibition will reflect how one painting might just be a continuation of a previous work, be it through content or technical qualities such as the use of compositions, colours or media. The works will moreover constantly shift between the possibility of being pictorially representative or entirely abstract.

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  • Fri Sep 8-Wed 27 2017

Opening times

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm.
Opening night on Friday 8th September 5.50 pm


Next Level Gallery
120 Victoria Street

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General admission


Waikato Society of Arts
Phone 07 839 4481

120 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand
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