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Calendar > Drawing the line - Sybille Schlumbom

Drawing the line - Sybille Schlumbom

Drawing the line

Staring out as a study in pencil, the works in this exhibition move on to what the line is and can do. We’re walking the line, we’re crossing the line, and these metaphors can be translated straight forward into a visual with pen and paper. The amazing things a line can do.

How much more can the line work be reduced? Not even paper is needed. Nor pen.

Negative and positive space define the line, and loose meaning, there are only the areas left on both sides of the line, of equal value.

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  • Fri Sep 29 - Wed Oct 18 2017

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Open Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm & Saturdays 30 Sept and 14 October 11am - 2pm


The Next Level Gallery
120 Victoria Street

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General admission


The Waikato Society of Arts
Phone 07 8394481

120 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand
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