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Calendar > Landscapes – Inner and Outer by Fritz Jooste

Landscapes – Inner and Outer by Fritz Jooste

This first solo exhibit of artist Fritz Jooste will showcase his landscape and abstract work in oils, oil and cold wax as well as pastel and charcoal.
This exhibition consists mainly of landscapes as well as abstract paintings. Whilst much of the work is representational in nature, there is a strong foundation of abstraction present in all the paintings. The paintings vary in size from medium (90 x 90 cm) to small (18 x 13 cm). All works are framed.

As a long time meditator, I am keenly aware of the subtlety and ever-changing nature of our inner psychological landscapes. My art is a journey to fuse this inner landscape with my visual awareness of the effects of colour and light on the natural landscape around me.
Whilst my training as a Civil Engineer biases me toward consistency and precision, I strive in my art to be ever more sensitive, spontaneous and authentic. If a viewer comes away from my work with an emotion somewhere between joy and hopeful melancholy I will have succeeded. - even when the images are not always pretty or finished in a conventional way

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Fri Nov 24 2017


Sat Nov 25 2017


Sun Nov 26 2017



David Lloyd Gallery
78 Lake Crescent

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Fritz Jooste
Phone 021 026 70620

78 Lake Crescent, Hamilton, New Zealand
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