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Calendar > Relatives - Jenni Taris and Rene Goodfellow

Relatives - Jenni Taris and Rene Goodfellow

'Relatives' is an exhibition about the ceramic works of two sisters, Jenni Taris and Rene Goodfellow. Each sister has their own style, but their relationship is a part of their pieces.

They work closely, constantly critiquing, exchanging advice, and encouraging one another. Jenni Taris has a diploma in ceramics and has attended numerous courses in ceramic techniques. She teaches ceramics at Waikato Society of Potters.

Rene Goodfellow learnt from a studio potter, and has attended courses at Auckland Studio Potters Centre.

These works show a snapshot of the knowledge pool the two share and how it translates to the final outcome of their projects.

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  • Fri Nov 17 - Mon Dec 18 2017

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10am - 5pm


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120 Victoria St Hamilton

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120 Victoria St Hamilton, Hamilton, New Zealand
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