50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

'Afghan Girl 1984'. Photo: Steve McCurry
'Afghan Girl 1984'. Photo: Steve McCurry

National Geographic has authorised the reproduction and tour of 50 of the most recognisable and popular photographs the magazine has published in its 120-year history.

This exhibition explores the hidden worlds, secret stories and amazing places on the planet through the most compelling, iconic imagery compiled.

The exhibition includes, among the many recognisable images, Steve McCurry’s 'Afghan Girl' and Nick Nichol’s 'The Touch' featuring Jane Goodall.

In addition to seeing the enhanced photos as they appeared in the magazine, visitors can hear the stories behind the photos and more about the photographers themselves.

For some images, visitors are able to see the ‘near frames’ taken by the photographer: the sequence of images made in the field before and after the published picture.

Image: 'Afghan Girl 1984'. Photo: Steve McCurry

22 Dec 18 - 31 Mar 19
Waikato Museum
1 Grantham Street
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