Blind Eye by April Phillips

Blind Eye by April Phillips by arrangement with NZ Playmarket
Blind Eye by April Phillips directed by Mike Williams for Cambridge Repertory Society

Blind Eye - Wally and Vera are a quiet, retired couple who have lived on the same street their entire lives. They have kept to themselves and led decent lives. Or have they? A malicious attack on the old man brings two strangers into their lives, who gradually unravel a long-held and shameful secret, with devastating consequences.

What the strangers discover will upset their own moral compass and make them reconsider the clarity of right and wrong. Everything is not always black and white, and often it’s the grey you can’t get out of your mind.Show dates -

Saturday 9 June dinner/show 6.30pm
Sunday 10 June matinee 2pm
Wednesday 13 June 8pm show only
Thursday 14 June 8pm show only
Friday 15 June- 6.30 dinner/show
Saturday 16 June 6.30 dinner/show
Sunday 17 June matinee 2pm
Tuesday 19 June 8pm show only
Wednesday 20 June 8pm show only
Thursday 21 June 8pm show only
Friday 22 June dinner/show 6.30
Saturday 23 June dinner/show 6.30

09 Jun 18 - 23 Jun 18
Gaslight Theatre
8 Alpha Street
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Cambridge Repertory Society