In Form - Vicki Carruthers

Key Elements, Vicki Carruthers.
Key Elements, Vicki Carruthers.

Abstract expressions in paint and stone of the permanence and the transience of landscapes and landforms from the sea and the land.

I am drawn to landscapes and land features with strong forms and shaped by extremes. Waikato landscapes and coastlines express movement, structure and life – an underlying permanent structure overlain by changes in use and the season.

These works seek to express these elements in an abstract way that allows the viewer to connect with landforms, land uses, and interconnections of land and water. The paintings seek to capture the essence of the land or coast. In sculpting marble, I use each stone’s characteristics to shape its form.

Co-exhibited with Waikato Reflections by Jean Horn, these shows display quite different style and experiences from two members of Artnexus ( Together, viewers will move from structured abstract paintings and three-dimensional sculptures to more realistic paintings reflective of moods and atmosphere of the Waikato, to provide a comprehensive landscape experience.

Image: Key Elements, Vicki Carruthers.

20 Jul 18 - 20 Aug 18
10am - 5pm
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120 Victoria Street
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