Giuseppe Castiglione: An Italian Jesuit Painter at the Court of Three Qing Emperors

'One Hundred Horses', courtesy of the National Palace Museum
Image: 'One Hundred Horses', courtesy of the National Palace Museum.

Giuseppe Castiglione, aka Lang Shining (b. 1688, d. 1766) was a Jesuit missionary who became a court painter and served three Emperors of China’s Qing Dynasty during its zenith.

He merged Western Renaissance techniques with Chinese materials and subjects, pioneering a new style of painting. He also successfully combined Western realism with traditional Chinese composition and brushwork.

His work as an artist earned him such favour within the Imperial Court that upon his death he was given an Imperial Funeral in Beijing.

His eight-metre-long 'One Hundred Horses (or Baijun Tu)' is recognised as one of China’s greatest masterpieces. It has been described as ‘an ingenious integration’ of Western and Chinese styles. This exhibition presents 24 reproduction prints of works by Castiglione.

Waikato Museum, in partnership with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, offers this rare opportunity to view Castiglione’s unique painting style.

13 Oct 18 - 20 Jan 19
Waikato Museum
1 Grantham Street
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