Glide Time by Roger Hall

Five men and one woman star in this NZ comedy
Glide Time

“Glide Time”, by Roger Hall 
directed by Tracey Barlow

Five men and one woman star in this NZ comedy, set in 1970s Wellington. The workings of a Government Stores Board are in the hands of Hugh, Jim, John, Beryl, Michael, Wally and Boss as they take us back in time, and look at life at work (or lack thereof) in the days of cash paypackets, typing pools and acceptable workplace sexism.

A stellar cast of Waikato thespians take the stage in this comedic retrospective by Roger Hall.

Season dates are June 15 - 29 2019. Tickets will be available from Paper Plus Cambridge, and online.

15 Jun 19 - 29 Jun 19
Gaslight Theatre
8 Alpha Street
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