Michele A'Court: How We Met and Other Stories

Michele A'Court: How We Met and Other Stories - Hamilton Book Month
Michele A'Court: How We Met and Other Stories - Hamilton Book Month

Like many of us, Michele loves hearing stories about how couples meet. It’s a question she reckons everyone gets around to asking a couple eventually.

"In the right moment with the right people you get to sit back and hear a heart-warming tale about how two humans discovered each other. And, if you are watching carefully as they tell it, it might occur to you that if you want to see two people at their best and closest, ask them to describe the moment they fell in love."

Michele has a hunch about why people love telling—and hearing about—these often absurd, convoluted, scandalous, romantic moments of connection.

‘These stories help to weave our lives together. Partly as ‘proof’ that we were meant to begin this couple-journey, and also because in each re-telling we go back to those first falling-in-love feelings and rekindle the passion.’

As she interviewed couples who had been together 15 years or more for the book, Michele’s hunch turned into a theory which she then tested out on a neuroscientist and a psychologist and, by the end of the book, has some useful things to say not only about how great love starts, but how it stays great.​

Originally trained as a journalist, Michele is one of New Zealand’s best known comedians with a high profile via TV appearances, a weekly newspaper column, regular slots on RNZ National's “Nine to Noon” and "The Panel", freelance writing for magazines, a monthly podcast for The Spinoff  (“On The Rag”), and constant touring with comedy shows and corporate events. She was voted NZ Comedy Guild Comedian of the Decade (Female) in 2010.

Michele will be holding a workshop for Wintec Media Arts students after her public event. This event is sponsored by the School of Media Arts, Wintec. Poppies Bookshop will have Michele's books for sale at the event.​

20 Aug 18, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
Events Room, Gallagher Hub, Wintec City Campus
Anglesea Street
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