Picturesque Gardens

Picturesque Gardens
Picturesque Gardens

Fashionable from the late 1700s, the picturesque style of garden was the terrain of the rich. Evocative ancient ruins, quaint caves, hidden symbolism and asymmetrical landscaping were features of picturesque European estates. With a kiwi can-do attitude, Europeans began to transplant picturesque gardens onto New Zealand soils. In support of Hamilton Garden’s newest ‘fantasy’ garden, the Picturesque Garden which is open to the public from Tuesday 5 November, this exhibition looks at the way New Zealanders engaged with the idea of the picturesque.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.

Take a photograph showing a contemporary ‘picturesque’ view of the Waikato and your photo could be included in our Picturesque Gardens exhibition from November.

Find a tall tree, a meandering path or gentle river, a ruin and a misty sky, to frame a scene that follows the eighteenth-century rules of the picturesque.

The photo needs to be black and white, big enough that we can show it on a screen, and we need to receive it by the middle of October.

The images will be shown on a screen, so the files need to be in landscape format with a minimum of 1080 pixels high x 1920 pixels wide.

The images should be black and white. (You can take them in monochrome or convert colour photographs to black and white on your digital camera, smart phone, or by using one of the many free online editing tools).
Email the image to: using “Picturesque Garden Photo” as the subject line. Please also include your full name in the body of the email, and brief information about the location where the photograph was taken.
Submissions must be received by 18 October 2019.

By submitting an image the photographer gives permission for Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato to make use of the image by displaying it on a screen during the Museum exhibition Picturesque Gardens from 28 September 2019 - 19 January 2020, and to keep a copy of the image on file for future use in exhibitions, possible future use in social media, and to assist with research at the Museum’s discretion. The image may also be used during a curator’s talk on the history of the picturesque on 26 October 2019. The photographer retains all rights to the image.

Image: Jan Zachariasz Frey after Zygmunt Vogel, Widok świątyni Diany w Arkadii (The Temple of Diana at Arkadia), 1807. Collection of National Museum in Warsaw

28 Sep 19 - 19 Jan 20
10am - 5pm.
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