Story of a Raindrop - Jacki Key

Story of a Raindrop
Jacki Key

Growing up on the Kaipara has given photographer Jacki Key the foundation of a lifetime’s interest in social issues, sustainability, and the environment.

Her ongoing water documenting project, Clarity, took her to Blue Spring where Story of a Raindrop was born.

Our relationship with water is essential and complex, involving different ways we work, play, and live. Story of a Raindrop examines the pervading influence of water on our lives portrayed through a photographic essay of the Waihou River in collaboration with student artworks.

The exhibition aims to take people on a journey, to tell a story of a river and its people, while celebrating people working together for a better future and realising how precious our waterways are.

When Captain Cook first sailed up the Waihou it was interrupted by Awotonga Falls and lined with towering kahikatea forest, a survivor from the Jurassic period. There is little sign of that landscape today.

Story of a Raindrop is produced to show what we are in danger of losing.

20 Jul 18 - 20 Aug 18
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120 Victoria Street
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