Waikato Reflections - Jean Horn

Sundown, Jean Horn
Image: Sundown, Jean Horn

Ninety-five years, shaped by the Waikato. These works reflect the artist’s near-century perception of progression in land use in the Waikato. They capture the essence of earlier farming practices, the rhythm of seasons, and the passage of time that we see in the Waikato of today. The works express the essence of commitment to the land through the generations.

Within this context, the works draw on the past, present and future through powerful visual statements that recognise the extent of change facilitated by modernisation, partnerships with allied service industries, animal welfare, environmental sensitivities and other sciences, marketing, and expressways.

Co-exhibited with In Form by Vicki Carruthers, these shows display quite different styles and experiences from two members of Artnexus (www.artnexus.co.nz). Together, viewers will move from structured abstract paintings and three-dimensional sculptures to more realistic paintings reflective of moods and atmosphere of the Waikato, to provide a comprehensive landscape experience.

Image: Sundown, Jean Horn.

20 Jul 18 - 20 Aug 18
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120 Victoria Street
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