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Waikato theatre site choice prompts donations, bouquets and parking questions14 July, 2017

It's central, it's unexpected, it has river views - but where will we park?

Wednesday's announcement of the former Hamilton Hotel as the suggested site for a new Waikato theatre has got the region talking.

The project to replace the mothballed Founders Theatre is a partnership between philanthropic organisation Momentum Waikato and the Hamilton City Council.


The next update on the theatre is due to Hamilton City councillors on August 24.

Since work started

New Waikato Regional Theatre Preferred Site Announced12 July, 2017

The recommended location for the new Waikato Regional Theatre has been announced as the Hamilton Hotel site on Victoria St, Hamilton, and the community’s feedback on this is being sought.

The privately-owned site currently has a range of restaurants and bars and is bordered by Embassy Park (with the Riff Raff statue) on one side and Sapper Moore-Jones Place (formerly Marlborough Pl) on the other, and runs down to the river. A new theatre development would look to restore the facade of the old Hamilton Hotel, which is recognised as a heritage building. 

Momentum Waikato Community Foundation Chair Leonard Gardner and… Read more

Waikato Conservatorium of Music supporters create human chain to protest staff cuts30 June, 2017

The song could be coming to an end for three staffers of the University of Waikato's Conservatorium of Music.

But those protesting the Conservatorium's job cuts say it will be the beginning of the end for the University's reputation as a world-class arts provider.

On Tuesday morning, over 100 supporters of the Conservatorium formed a human chain and used song to fill the campus with harmony.


Local Labour Party candidate Jamie Strange presented to the Waikato University council.


Actors combine politics with comedy which becomes Out of Order20 June, 2017

Review: The latest show at the Gaslight Theatre is the comedy Out of Order written by Ray Cooney which takes place in a suite on the sixth floor of the Westminster Hotel, London.

The script was outstanding and the characters were superbly cast and this was enhanced by the excellent guidance of Steve McMurray in his first role as director.

Choosing the outstanding cast member was impossible as all did an amazing performance.

Mike Williams was the politician who could twist the truth to suit the occasion, and his private secretary who was used to following orders, was played superbly by Phil Dalziel.… Read more

Keep Yourself Safe From Online Art Scams 13 June, 2017

Paul Bradley, a Waikato based artist and Creative Waikato employee, recently received an email that seemed too good to be true. A buyer wanted to purchase his paintings and was willing to pay top dollar. However, something didn't seem quite right, and through a bit of research, Paul discovered he was a target for an art scam.

The email came from "John Davidson", who claimed to be very keen to buy one of Paul's paintings as a surprise for his wife. He would send a cheque, arrange the courier, and would pay very well for Paul's work. Great news right?!
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Peter Dornauf: Street art rejuvenates urban landscape18 April, 2017

OPINION: Apparently Christchurch is listed in the Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top cities for its street art, along with London (famous for Banksy), and New York.

Obviously, the people who make these calls have not visited Hamilton recently. If they had, they'd have seen that the city is blooming with bold, brightly coloured graphic images both in the CBD and in Hamilton East. This is a fairly recent phenomenon promoted by people associated with BOON, a biannual street art festival involving Creative Waikato, to animate the precincts by way of street art on a spare wall near you.

The… Read more