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Haka meets Techno and Hip-Hop 20 January, 2017

The Hamilton-based group, Te Iti Kahurangi, has taken the bold step of remixing some of its traditional kapahaka songs and haka, to take on a new flavour which they have dubbed ‘Techno-Haka’ and ‘Haka Hip-Hop’.

Producer and co-founder of the group, Kingi Kiriona, says “we always wanted to put a production  spin on some of our haka items, but the outcome has exceeded our expectations”.

The so-called ‘Techno-Haka’, Kei Whea Te Tuna?, is a song about traditional eeling practises here in Waikato.  The ‘Haka Hip-Hop’ piece, Atua Whiowhio, on the other hand is themed to the steam-train prophecy by Te Kooti Rikirangi, the famous Māori fugitive and prophet.

“The beauty is in the clash of old stories with new music”, Kiriona says.  “All we did was say to the production experts, it would be cool to come up with another hit like ‘Poi E’, to see people dance to haka at places like nightclubs.  The rest is history”. 

The album, entitled ‘He Kura Kāinga: A Treasured Home’, was given funding by the Māori broadcasting funding agency, Te Māngai Pāho, to help promote te reo Māori.  The album features traditional haka as well as solo, and trio artists.  “It’s an awesome blend of old and new, young and old, solo and group, Māori and non-Māori music”.

To listen to samples of ‘Techno Haka’ and ‘Haka Hip-Hop’ from the album, please copy and paste the links below: 

Techno Haka, Kei Whea Te Tuna? –

Haka Hip-Hop, Atua Whiowhio – 

Otherwise, for more information, or to purchase an album please contact Kingi Kiriona at or via mobile on 021 414 591.

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