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Actors combine politics with comedy which becomes Out of Order 20 June, 2017

Review: The latest show at the Gaslight Theatre is the comedy Out of Order written by Ray Cooney which takes place in a suite on the sixth floor of the Westminster Hotel, London.

The script was outstanding and the characters were superbly cast and this was enhanced by the excellent guidance of Steve McMurray in his first role as director.

Choosing the outstanding cast member was impossible as all did an amazing performance.

Mike Williams was the politician who could twist the truth to suit the occasion, and his private secretary who was used to following orders, was played superbly by Phil Dalziel.

Moraig Humphries, a theatre student from Waikato University, took on the role of the young married woman who caught the eye of the politician and Alex Norris was her distraught husband.

Karen Carroll became the very efficient and sometimes disapproving hotel manager and Clive Garrish was the waiter who expected larger and larger tips even for services yet to be rendered. I hope we don't encourage tipping in this country.

Those in minor roles were equally as talented. Sara Young was the non-English speaking maid from Spain or Italy or was she Spanish Italian? The politician's wife was portrayed by Wilmie Steenekamp and did Laura Hill who played the nurse, find love or was it just lust?

The set must be mentioned. Designed by Steve McMurray and Godfrey Sadler it was neither flimsy or thrown together as is sometimes seen in amateur productions. Room 648 was solid and stylish and looked as it it had been on stage forever.

This fast paced, funny and flawless production must surely be one of the best shows put on by the Cambridge Repertory Society.

The production runs from June 14-24. For more information:

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