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Make Your Mark Exhibition 7 September, 2017

Make Your Mark, Draw-Paint-Make was tailored from existing art programs delivered by prison art tutor Ann Byford who saw a need for art programs to be accessible to offenders serving a community-based sentence.  Often offenders are isolated and vulnerable and access to engage in arts can be limited. 

Ann saw an opportunity for this group to engage in art programs and build positive community partnerships. A project like this had not been approached in Hamilton and there was a real need for this type of investment in the community. One objective was to enable participants who during the project gained confidence and knowledge of art practice to be actively involved in future community art projects.

The participants engaged in a visual art project for an 11 week period beginning by constructing frames from raw materials. Skills learnt included mixing and applying washes, layer and glaze application, signature and mounting methods, wall text and installation processes.

They engaged in group critique and continually evaluated their progress even during challenging times and when overcoming difficulties working in a group environment. 

Make Your Mark exhibition speaks of whanau and regeneration and is a collection of completed art works from the group. 

Where: Creative Waikato main space

Opening preview - Friday 1 September, 4.30pm-6.30pm

Mon-Fri - 10am-4pm until Friday 15th September


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