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Artist Profile - Sue Gordon, Portrait Artist

Susan Gordon is a representational portrait artist and she lives and works from home in Te Awamutu.  Now retired she can live her dream and paint from dawn to dusk, as the mood takes her. Sue works almost always in oils from photographs and is a predominately self- taught artist, but has attended many courses and workshops over the past decade. Her favourite portrait artists are among the Pre-Raphaelites’, John Singer Sargent and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

She enjoys painting reproductions of “Old Masters” and exhibits her art with the Te Uku Art Group in Raglan. Her commissioned work hangs in family homes in Auckland, New Plymouth, Raglan, Te Awamutu, Melbourne and Norfolk Island.

Her simple portraits can make a connection with people as they don’t require explanations and don’t become overwhelming for the un-initiated. The work revolves around the people nearest and dearest and the ancestors that have departed this life long before we could ever know them.

A journey into genealogy sparked an idea leading to a portrait series of residents from her hometown, Te Awamutu.

25 “Faces of Te Awamutu 2017” this is our town.

Exhibition: mid Nov 2017. 

Half of the proceeds will be donated to St John’s and Hospice.

This is to be a snapshot of residents from Te Awamutu 2017, all painted in oils. Some of the people represented have great grandparents or a lot of history associated with the district. The portraits will show young, old and various ethnicities, showcasing the diversity of our town.  Some notable personalities feature and others just well-known to family and friends (and the organisations they volunteer for).

Concurrently with the Faces of Te Awamutu she is completing “The Centurions” a series of portraits featuring our extraordinary NZ Rugby players. 


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