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Hamilton dancer's royal coronation into Hip-Hop crew

Nowadays hip-hop is more than just popping and locking, as three Hamilton girls will tell you.
Sami Nieschmidt, 13, Maiya Smith, 12 and Moana Davis, 12, have all made grand steps towards dancing royalty after being selected for some of New Zealand's top dance crews.
Maiya and Moana were selected for the 2017 Bubblegum crew for the second year, as captain and vice captain, respectively.
Sami, who was also a part of the crew last year, was chosen for the Royal Family Varsity Crew.

Both dance crews fall under the baton of Parris Goebel's The Palace Dance Studio in Auckland.
Goebel is New Zealand's very own award-winning choreographer and has worked with artists including Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.
The Hamilton trio performed in front of Goebel and coaches during the audition in January.
All girls started dancing around age three, learning disciplines such as ballet and jazz. Now, hip-hop has become their calling, they said.
But with specialties such as house, reggaeton and whacking, dancing is no overnight feat.
They travel to Auckland six times a week for classes and training. Outside of school, there is no time for anything else but dance.
"You have to be committed," Maiya said.
She and Moana attend Maeroa Intermediate School while Sami is a student at Hamilton Girls' High School.
They all said the schools were supportive and each year they perform for their schools as part of a fundraising initiative.
Mums Mary Davis, Ruth Smith and Anke Nieschmidt said the parents were fortunate to be able support one another with carpooling.
"There are never ever any moans about going to dance trainings, never. As long as they are loving it, we will support it and these girls really do love it," they said.
Next for the girls is the Street Dance NZ National Championships, held at the end of April.
If the crews place in the top three, they will be heading to the Hip Hop International World Championships in Arizona in August.
Last year, the Bubblegum group they were involved with, won a bronze medal at the international event.
But despite their years of experience, Sami, Maiya and Moana admit they still get nervous before performing.
Dancing has become more than a hobby for the girls, and they one day hope to fulfil their dream of being backup dancers to singer Rihanna.
Moana Davis, Maiya Smith and Sami Nieschmidt have made a grand entrance into New Zealand's most royal dance crews.

Story from - Kelley Tantau


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