Looking to get Sponsors On Board? Secret of Sponsorship - Hamilton

Developing business relationships can be an effective way to generate ongoing financial support, but it's not as simple as asking for money and promising to share their logo in return. If you're keen to develop sponsorship relationships that provide real value, join Exult Ltd for a hands-on workshop exploring the Secret of Sponsorship.

Get templates and examples for sponsorship packages, letters, proposals, contracts and more. This workshop will give you the tools and strategies you need to develop an effective sponsorship plan, and will leave you feeling re-energised in the process.

When: Wednesday 25th March, 9.30am - 4pm

Where: Sport Waikato, Brian Perry Sports House, Akoranga Drive, Hamilton

Cost: $120 per person (Tonic Subscribers receive a 10% discount)

To Register: Email hello@exult.co.nz or click here to register online.


What Others Say:

"This was an amazing workshop, great delivery and so relevant for us. New motivation found."

Tania, Murihiku Maori & Pasifika Cultural Trust


“The most practical, helpful and inspiring sponsorship workshop I have been to in 20 years. Loved it and would highly recommend it.”
Lisa McKimm, Parenting Worx


“I have been organising events for 8 years. I wish I did this course 8 years ago!"
Julie Hughes, Arrow Events



Rather than continually applying for project funding, have you considered investigating a sponsorship arrangement?

Sponsorship is as simple as a partnership where both parties get something of value out of it.

A good sponsor is someone who:

1. Wants Exposure to your Market/Customers/Audience

Who can you put your sponsor in touch with?

What type of business do your members frequent?

What type of business would like you members as customers?

2. Has a Personal Connection

Who do you know in business?

Who can you get to know in business?

Who do your volunteers know in business?

3. Trusts Your Organisation

Are there businesses that refer people to you?

What businesses are you already involved with, or have you been involved with in the past?

4. Has Similar Values and Beliefs

Are there businesses in the community who have marketing campaigns that strike a cord with you?

Are there businesses involved with programmes you support?

5. Has the Capacity to Support You

Don’t underestimate the capacity of small businesses.

Avoid businesses which already have sponsorship commitments with other organisations.

Need help with sponsorship proposals? Come and have a chat.

Source: Exult Sponsorship Workshop
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