Tips for Funding Applications

Creative New Zealand Applications

What: The Idea
Explain the central idea or kaupapa of your project. You’ll be assessed on how strong and how well-developed it is.

- Create excitement!

How: The Process
How will you carry out and evaluate the project, what success will look like, and how you’ll measure the project’s success. You’ll be assessed on how viable the processes you’ve explained are, and how you plan to evaluate the completed project.

- Include a timeline, and marketing plans.

Who: The People
Who is involved? You’ll be assessed on the level of ability and experience of the individuals or organisations involved in your project.

- First-timers – include a full CV
- Received previous funding – Bio

The Budget/Te putea
How much will it cost? You’ll be assessed on the credibility and accuracy of the supporting financial information that you provide in your budget.

- What’s in the Process (as above) needs to be reflected in the budget.
- Specific items must be tagged in the budget as to where CNZ funds would go.

Creative New Zealand – Applying for support


They first check that you and your activity meet all the relevant eligibility criteria – this includes both the general criteria that apply to all applications, and the specific criteria for the particular grant, investment or programme. If you do not meet all these criteria, they will not consider your application.

Do Outcomes Match?
They then consider how the results of your activity will match up with the outcomes (long-term goals) and impacts (shorter-term results) that they are seeking in their Strategic Plan


• They consider the strength and merits of your application, on the basis of the information and support material you have provided.

General Funding Tips

What do funders really want to know?

Does this make sense?

- Literally. Can they read it and do your statements make sense?
- How well does the project fit within the funders criteria?
- How well does the project fit with your own mission statement? Why would your organisation be involved in a project like this?
- Why are you asking for money when you have plenty in the bank?

Is the project value for money?

- How much of an impact will this project make in the community?
- Who will directly benefit from the project and what are the ongoing benefits to the community as a whole?
- Is this project meeting a genuine need in the community?

Why is it a need – what’s changed to make it that way?

- Will investing in this project save money in the long term?
- Does the project have potential to be self-sustaining over time?

Can we trust this organisation to complete the project?

- Have they accounted for their last grant completely and on-time?
- Have they included an accurate and well-researched budget?
- Do they have the skills and expertise to complete the project?
- Do they have community support for this project?
- Are they relying on income that has not been confirmed yet?
- Have they secured some money from elsewhere already?
- Do they have a ‘Plan B’?

Source: Exult Funding Workshop Helping Non Profits Grow