Pakihi Toi

Congratulations on taking the first step to building your creative business! Now it's over to you to start your journey, at your pace.

Pakihi toi is made up of 11 learning sections. Each section gives you a video introduction and a workbook which form a critical part of your business plan. We recommend that you cover off each topic in the order we have provided them. As you complete each section you add your work into your Mahere Rautaki - Business Plan Booklet.

Once you have worked through all 11 sections you will have your own personalised Mahere Rautaki - Business Plan!

1. Kia mārama pai koe ki tō whakaaro pakihi

Getting clear on your business idea

This module is all about getting your idea clear for your new business. 

2. Rapua tō mākete

Finding Your Market

Finding your market asks you to cast the net wide when finding where you hope to share and sell work. In this resource you’ll learn to detect the patterns of potential markets and identify the best sales channels for you. 

3. Whakatairanga me te whakapiki

Marketing and Promotion

Are you comfortable in presenting your work to the world? We’re going to help you make it shine. 

4. Whakataetae me te kotahitanga

Competition and Collaboration

Let's explore your unique point of difference, the importance of good networks and how to look after the relationships you’ve built. 

5. Pukenga, auheke, whiwhinga, wero

S.W.O.T Analysis

A S.W.O.T is a simple and effective tool to get an overview of the potential in your business. Here you’ll show probable strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to craft strategies that enhance your opportunities and plans that can minimize the risks in your business.

6. Ngā pae tawhiti, ngā pae tata

Goal Setting and Timelines

What’s the difference between a goal and a dream? Let’s find out, as we rope in all the parts and outline a pathway to a thriving business.

7. Ngā hanganga pakihi

Business Structures

Building a house is the easy part. Making it into a home however, that takes time. Finding the best business structure to translate your dream into a reality is a task worth thought and discussion. We’ll look at the three main structures used in business to find your best fit.

8. Ngā tāke


Often we think of tax like moving through a maze of processes and numbers. In this video we hope you’ll have the skill to comprehend basic tax procedures and where to source support.

9. Whakairo Hinengaro

Intellectual Property

Ideas have the power to change the world; consequently protecting them is paramount, especially for artists who often put their work in the public eye. This video looks at protecting your most unique commodity, your whakaaro.

10. Kia utua āu mahi

Pricing Your Work

Many things can influence the selling price of your mahi or service. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Here we offer key guidelines for you to support your pricing.

11. Whakamua aho moni

Financial Projections

Planning ahead with money is key. Crunch the numbers and focus our lens on how money management will support your business to succeed.

12. Mahere Rautaki Pakihi

Your Business Plan Booklet

Here is where your learning strands are woven together to create your own unique business plan. All the exercises you’ve done in each section of this rauemi will combine to make your very own roadmap for success.