2019 Waikato Society of Arts Members Exhibition

2019 Waikato Society of Arts Members Exhibition
Waikato Society of Arts

The annual Waikato Society of Arts Exhibition is a two and three dimensional display of our Members artistic talents and creativity open to everyone. We have a large membership that support this exhibition.

This year we are looking “Back to the Future” and connecting this view to the Waikato’s art of the past and the history of the WSA. You could say an artwork is like a time machine, it gives you a glimpse of everything that has led the artist to the point in time that they have made the artwork, including all the art that the artist has seen and been influenced by and the larger cultural context.

The art of the past is the art of the present, and the art of the present will be the past art of the future. Consequently as an extension of this theme, we are aiming to exhibit a special selection of historically important artworks from WSA members with this year’s exhibition of new work from current members.

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27 Sep 19 - 28 Oct 19
10am - 5pm
ArtsPost Gallery
120 Victoria Street
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General admission