"Barry Brickell: Weaving a personal story of Art, Engineering and Conservation"

Barry Brickell
Barry Brickell

Exhibition open

The first art exhibition to be held at Driving Creek Railway and Potteries since Barry Brickell died in 2016 is now on.

Titled “Barry Brickell: Weaving a Personal Story of Art, Engineering and Conservation”, the exhibition shows the many sides of Brickell using excerpts from his diaries and the engineering objects around the Driving Creek site as well as the paintings and pottery for which he is perhaps best known.

Curated by Deborah Hide-Bayne, she says, “When I found the diaries and started reading them, Barry’s own world view came through so strongly that I realised it was a real opportunity to give people a window into his personal world and work. It was such a pleasure to read all the way back to 1962 and witness him falling in love with Coromandel, the place I live and work and love too. So far the show has had a great response.”

The exhibition team consisted of Deborah Hide-Bayne (curator), Caitlin Moloney (collections assistant) and Daniel Kirsch (exhibition design and signage).

27 Dec 18 - 30 Apr 19
10am - 4pm
Driving CReek Railway and Potteries
380 Driving Creek Road
Coromandel Town
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