An Exhibition of Chinese Art - Inheritance to Innovation

Welcome Swallow Gallery - An Exhibition of Chinese Art Inheritance to Innovation
A Welcome Swallow Exhibition

Inspired by Chinese history and traditions the exhibition spans both the practice of art learned by rote, in which the master shows the "right way" to draw, and the modern art forms where innovation is now more the rule. As with Western tradition, changing lifestyles, tools and colors are also influenced by new waves of master painters.

Yong Ming Liu's exquisite watercolor scrolls are based on his interpretation of masters that were painting during the Ming Dynast, some 650 years ago.

Jing Liu follows Chinese artistic methods and traditions, explores innovative representations in art that include mixing sketches on rice paper with traditional Chinese watercolors.

Dejin Lu presents a light Chinese expressive style known as Xieyi that requires a deft and delicate use of watercolors and when required a careful balance of water and ink.

All three exhibition artists are firmly anchored in the three Chinese taxonomic themes: Flower and Birds; Landscapes, and Figures.

In this exhibition there is a wonderful opportunity to view this world through their eyes. The exhibition so curated is both novel and quite sensational.

14 May 21 - 16 Jul 21
Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm: Saturday 10am to 3pm
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