Misty Flicks 2020 - Extended Film Submissions

Have you made short-form video content?
Misty Flicks

Covid-19 has changed our plans for our showcase, but we are still hopeful.

That’s why we’re extending the submissions deadline for our Misty Flicks 2020 Short Film Showcase to the 5th July and pushing back the dates for the premiere night and regional screenings (TBC).

Have you made short-form video content (from any year) such as films, documentaries, music videos, etc? Was it created by or feature someone living in/from the Waikato? If that’s a ‘yeah,’ we want to see it. It just needs to have some kind of connection to the Waikato, whether it be the place you filmed it, some people that were involved. Maybe you were even born in the Waikato but moved to somewhere less Waikato-ish? 

We are here (as our title suggests) to Showcase your work on the big screen, and show people just what filming looks like in or from our region. Why? We love it here, and know you are talented. We just want everyone else to know to.

For any queries about submission rules visit www.mistyflicks.com, send us a message on our Facebook page or flick us an email info@mistyflicks.co.nz. Keen to sponsor/partner with us? Let us know that too.

05 Jun 20 - 05 Jul 20
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