Modified. Beyond the Quantum.

Modified. Beyond the Quantum.
Modified. Beyond the Quantum.

Imagine a world where thoughts design new realities. A world where we are only limited by our own human imaginations. Tie that in with the speed of technology and the knowledge base of AI mind. Hooked in only by space, by threads, by wires of space. Where is technology taking us?

This exhibition explores the world around us, as humans integrating with technology. It’s a brave new world. Since the coining of computer programming in 1875 technology has gone beyond thought and will go beyond the quantum before the blink of an eye. Human integration is inevitable with Artificial Intelligence and beyond that into the very fabric of dimensional realities. Beyond EMFS, beyond space, beyond, beyond. Where will this take us? Will we forever be changed?

Ana Couper (MA) b.1974 is an international artist, born in NZ. Ana retains both British & NZ citizenship and Italian Residency. Ana has just returned from Italy after spending several months painting for European art Fairs and Galleries. Ana works mainly in abstract expressionism, but also works in many mediums. Pre 2016 Ana was a full time Ceramicist. Since then she has been a full time Artist and Curator at Waihi Beach Gallery. Pre 2015 Ana spent many years at several University’s studying Religions, Philosophy, Political Systems and International Law. Ana enjoys designing projects around notions of belonging. She has a long term interest in Human Rights and Collective Identity. Ana's works are in private collections worldwide and she is represented in Europe & Australasia.

Image: #6 (January 2020), Aluminium composite/ mixed media on canvas 1800 x 1300mm

NOTE: The dates for this exhibition have been extended as it was closed temporarily 22 March-15 May during the COVID-19 lockdown.

20 Mar 20 - 29 Jun 20
10am - 4pm
120 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central
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