The Reboot

The Reboot
The Reboot

The Reboot [verb: ree-boot] to produce a distinctly new version of an established film through Improv theatre.

We live in the age of The Reboot!
TV shows based on old movies; movies based on old musicals, and musicals based on old TV shows fill up our trailer screens and Netflix suggestions. Spider-Man has had more lives than Catwoman, a star has been born and reborn and despite three decades of dino-disasters Jurassic World is still open to the public…

It’s clear that some franchises need to be put to rest. Some movies shouldn’t be remade.
BUT if you really had to what would you pick to Reboot?

Actor, improviser and writer Ross MacLeod presents his solo improv show The Reboot giving you the sequels you always knew you never wanted….

HOW IT WORKS: From one week before each Reboot, Ross will take your suggestions from the comment section of a call-out post on The Meteor’s Facebook Page for films you do (or do not) want to see rebooted or sequelized.
THEN Ross will use the remaining time he has to prepare an entertaining selection of the suggested Reboots for you to witness live at The Meteor!

What could possibly go wrong…

Tickets $15

07 Jun 20 - 14 Jun 20
6pm shows on June 7th & 14th
The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central
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General Admission
General admission, licensed