Creative Waikato Review Service

Creative Waikato are initiating a new review service. We are looking for good reviewers and will be taking requests to have creative work from the Waikato reviewed. Why are reviews important?

  1. Reviews are a key tool for arts groups to promote their work = Grow audiences
  2. Reviews provide evidence of bodies of work and referee of quality for CVs. They can also be useful promotion for artists = Develop arts careers and opportunities
  3. Reviews act as record of achievement for funding applications, scholarships etc = Professional development
  4. Reviews help audiences determine arts activities they want to engage in and can raise the profile of artwork and artforms = Audience development
  5. Reviews can provide critical feedback for artists on their work = Professional development

What’s changed with reviews?

Reviews were traditionally created by arts critics employed by newspapers and magazines. With the rapid decline in traditional newspaper circulation and the shift towards online, syndicated and nationalized content, local reviews have decreased significantly in recent years. There are some review based websites (eg: Theatreview, EyeContact) however funding cuts have also reduced their ability to engage paid reviewers. What we are going to do about it Reviews are a key currency for the arts sector. Creative Waikato is going to create a Review Bank where reviews will be housed and be available for sharing.

To do this we need content and reviewers from all over the region.



Reviewers will be incentivised/rewarded for their work. This will vary and be offered on a case-by-case basis depending on the cost of entry, genre of arts, perks that the reviewee can offer or the amount of writing requested. It will also depend on available funds Creative Waikato has to support this project on an ongoing basis (ie: how much demand).

It might look something like this (examples only):

  • 300 - 500 word review of a large musical (ticket value $70) - free ticket - free programme
  • 300 - 500 word review of a new play musical (ticket value $25) - 2 x free ticket - glass of wine
  • 300 - 500 word review of a free entry public dance work - $50 fee
  • 600 - 1,000 word review of an art gallery exhibition opening - $100 fee

Then what

  • Once we have built up enough of reviewers and have events to review, we will start matching reviewers with events
  • Reviewers will be offered a review opportunity and associated benefits or fee
  • In the case of a fee, the reviewer must provide an invoice
  • Reviewers will agree to a specified time frame to deliver the review (often this is within 12 hours as immediacy is critical to review publication)
  • Reviews will be scan checked/edited for grammar and accuracy and as far as is possible
  • Reviewers will be responsible for providing writing that has good grammar and accuracy, as we have limited capacity to check and edit the reviews
  • Opinions will be that of the reviewer and not of Creative Waikato
  • We will then post the reviews on our website and at times on our social media
  • Content can then be shared and downloaded to support the arts event
  • We will also offer selected reviews for publication in the Waikato Times. This cannot be guaranteed as the Times generally look for reviews of events that have the widest appeal and will depend on whether there is room in the paper that day/week.

Sign Up:

So – we need things to review and reviewers. Please email us the following details and we will get back to you with more info as soon as we can


  • Name
  • Where do you live?
  • How far are you prepared to travel at your own expense?
  • What art forms or art events would you like to review?
  • Have you got experience in arts writing or reviews?
  • Please provide an example of your writing (essential)


  • Name of organisation (if applicable)
  • Your name
  • What do you want reviewed?
  • When
  • Where
  • What is the genre
  • What benefits can you provide the reviewer (eg free tickets, programmes, food and beverage)
0508 427 892