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10 Sep 2021

Stay Grounded in Times of Change

By Stephanie Christie

Creative Development & Creative Coach at Creative Waikato


Uncertainty can really squash your creative drive. For a lot of us, creative activity is a major mental health support, so it’s no fun to be struggling with feeling creatively frustrated, on top of dealing with the current changes. Here are some things that you can do in service of your creativity, even if you’re not feeling like creating in the ways you normally would.

Creative play

Creative play is effective because it lets you directly engage with the passion and pleasure of the creative state. Anything that sparks your interest is perfect. It’s an opportunity to abandon the pressures of the inner critic, and not worry about having any particular outcome. Creative play means allowing yourself to explore whatever calls you in the moment. Make a mess. Be present. Ready, set, play!

Admin tasks in support of your creative practice/business

You know all those important things that aren’t urgent enough to make it to your to-do list? This is your chance to pick one and get it done. Updating your website may be boring, but it’s more interesting than queuing outside the supermarket. If you’ve ever said, “One day I’ll learn how to use Hnry to track my creative income,” this may finally be that day. The key is to tell yourself very firmly that this is a vital part of your creative practice. Pick a battle that you can win, get support as you need it (talk to us at Creative Waikato), put in some hours, and make yourself proud.

Laying groundwork for future awesomeness

It’s spring! What in your creative practice needs a spring clean? What’s been niggling at you that you could reorganise? It could be your document filing system, the way you store photos of your work, or the legions of dust mites on your mixing desk. You might find that investing in shelves or clear plastic storage boxes can make your workspace feel lustrous. Believe this: One day in the future, you will be inspired again. When that day comes, you’ll have everything you need ready to go. What can you do today to help Future You get back into the creative flow?

These activities will help you feel grounded, even amongst many unknowns. When times are uncertain, you can still take action in support of your creativity. You’ll be glad you did.