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Dujon Cullingford

Creative Development

Dujon Cullingford is a DJ, dancer, vintage collector, and a community development and engagement specialist. When he’s not working in social innovation, he is treasure hunting obscure New Zealand records, trying to keep up with the youngins on the dancefloor and hanging with family.

24 years of arts experience has seen him dance locally and internationally; winning a bunch of competitions (before he got old), judging, performing extensively, and teaching some of NZ’s best street dance crews.

He is heavily involved in local arts, working with people for better community outcomes across several disciplines. He is passionate about creating platforms to showcase local talent and is excited about getting out into the region to cheerlead creatives.

Excited to bring oomph to regional activation at Creative Waikato, he brings people-experience from previous roles across local government, events, youth, arts, social innovation, education, health, and regional development.

Dujon believes everyone is creative, and everyone should have an opportunity to unravel and develop their expression. He loves that Creative Waikato is big on supporting folks to develop their practice and discover their power through creativity and community.