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Research and
insights guide
us to understand
our impact

Utilising research, insights and critical reflection to acknowledge our past and look forward to strategic change and impact. 


We utilise research to inform our work with local partners and communities, to help provide a lens on localised initiatives, and also to help guide our advocacy work with local and central government and key stakeholders.

This research is a mix of bespoke projects developed by CW to support our community, alongside understanding the growing body of regional, national and international information delivered and shaped by our partners and peers.

Below are a few of the research projects that we are currently working on.

Whiria te Tāngata Social Impact Report

Huber Social Impact

Huber Social Impact: In Our Words

Huber Social: Supporting Creative Professionals

State of the Arts
Jun-Jul 2022

State of the Arts
Sept-Oct 2021

2020 Waikato
COVID-19 Survey

Here you can find some of the work we’ve been involved in:

Arts and Cultural Ecosystem
in the Waikato

Founders Theatre Future Options Consultation

Contemporary Public Art Gallery Discussion Paper

2014 Waikato Creative Infrastructure Plan


Insights and evaluation are useful components of any transformational mahi that we are part of. In order to ensure that we can share the scope of these projects, articulate the value and impact, and inspire next steps for system change, we are often reflecting that through our formal reports. The documents below highlight some of the mahi that forms our broad reaching activity.

Below are a few reports that we have submitted:

2022-23 Annual Report

Creative Careers Pilot Report

Creative Sector Pathways