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positive impact

Advocacy is how we champion arts, culture and creativity, as well as their impact, throughout our society.

We stand up
for the arts

This mahi is informed by understanding the depth and breadth of local creative activity, being well-connected to new research and data around the benefits of arts for wellbeing and community connection, and having a strategic vision for the future of the Waikato creative ecosystem and how it can continue to grow as it has in the past 12 years.

We know there is strength in numbers, and we have a range of active and passionate community advocates working in our region. In order to support your own advocacy, as well as provide access to information and a shared advocacy language so that we can collectively have a positive impact, we have made our mahi easy to find a reference.


Community Advocacy Guide

Joyful Steps To Community Advocacy

Local Government

2024 Briefing to

2024 Briefing to Councillors

2021 Council Submissions

COVID-19 Arts Report

Art as a Tool for Recovery

Central Government

2023/2024 Briefing to Incoming Ministers

MCH Long Term Insights Briefing

2021 Briefing to Minister

Regional Arts
Network Submissions

Feedback on MCH Long-Term Insights Briefing

New Zealand Productivity Commission Inquiry

RANA Review Into The Future Of Local Government

2021 RANA Regional Update