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Welcome to Creativity Every Day – an arts-based wellbeing and personal development programme presented by the team at Creative Waikato.

What is Creativity Every Day?

This innovative programme has been designed to bring creativity into your daily routine whether you are at work or at home.

Featuring artists and talent from around the Waikato region, Creativity Every Day will take you on a journey where you can enjoy our short creative activities, learn from an artist and start building your own creative habits. Using materials readily available in an office setting, you will be able to creatively utilise what is around you on a daily basis.

Supported by research and a policy for workplace creativity, this can also be implemented throughout businesses to further strengthen collaboration, team morale and new ways of thinking.

How does it work?

Over the course of this programme you will receive a weekly email with a link to a video and resource to help you explore a new creative activity with a set of useful principles and concepts.

The emails include opportunities to try new creative activities and connections to relevant international research.

Read below to see how you can take part in Creativity Every Day…

Business /

If you want to implement Creativity Every Day as part of your business or organisation (regardless of the industry), we have made sure you have all the support you need.

Provided by Creative Waikato, you will have access to:

Creativity in the Workplace Policy
This is designed to work alongside your professional development, wellbeing, and health and safety policies to support your employees.

Resources for Implementation
We will provide digital resources, ideas and check-ins to ensure staff in charge of implementation are supported during the process to allow seamless communication with your wider team.

We highly recommend getting in touch with us to express your interest and from there, we will help guide you through the process.

Express Interest by Emailing Here


If you are interested in taking part in Creativity Every Day for yourself or your whānau, all you need to do is sign up using our form below.

You will receive a welcome email that will prompt you to create a username and password to our platform and from there, receive weekly prompts direct to your inbox.

We would highly suggest adding Creative Waikato to your trusted email list to make sure our emails don’t go to spam/junk!

Let’s build a habit for Creativity Every Day.

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By signing up to Creativity Every Day, you will receive emails with activities to try, relevant research and information to help you build your own creative habits.

The information you provide is kept strictly confidential with us at Creative Waikato in accordance with our privacy policy.

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