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1 Dec 2023


Shared experiences to connect futures

How can a simple cuppa can be a catalyst for meaningful change?

1 Dec 2023


Scenes: The Power of a Creative Group

Have you considered the impact of Creative Communities in modern society?

1 Dec 2023


That’s a Wrap… Around

Whiria te Tāngata a year on: Leafa Wilson shares her experience.

3 Nov 2023


Leading with artistic vision

Dr. Jeremy Mayall explores the vital role of artistic leadership has in shaping a version of the future that is hopeful.

25 Oct 2023


Caring for our Creative Communities

Creative Communities of the Waikato, pop the jug on. CW is on the way…

11 Oct 2023


Creativity Every Day is now live

Improve your wellbeing and cultivate creativity as a life-changing skill Creativity Every Day Programme – and it’s now live!

29 Sep 2023


Understanding the value of arts, culture and creativity

In times of election we hear a lot of conversation about policies, value and change. There will be talk of the economy and the social…

27 Sep 2023


Toi Maaori in your face in Garden Place

Toi Maaori Ki Kirikiriroa is a wrap, so let’s recap…

25 Sep 2023


Two Ticks for Arts, Culture and Creativity

Discover the vital link between government, arts, and community wellbeing. How can your vote can shape a thriving creative ecosystem? We…

22 Sep 2023


Nurturing Mental Wellbeing Through Creativity

Dr. Jeremy Mayall is here to reminding us of the tremendous power of creative activity and the connection to our mental wellbeing. Take a…

21 Sep 2023


Fostering Resilience with the CCS Festival Fund

The Hamilton City Council CCS Festival Fund is here to reinvigorate Kirikiriroa’s Festivals. How it can support your local festival or…

31 Aug 2023


A Daily Creative Habit

Creative Waikato CEO, Dr. Jeremy Mayall explores creating daily habits. And creativity is on that list!

29 Aug 2023


Community, Creativity and Ngaa Toi Maaori in Garden Place

Join us for Toi Māori Ki Kirikiriroa Community Day: workshops, live music, kai – A vibrant celebration of ngaa toi Maaori

23 Aug 2023


Waikato Pasifika Fono coming to Kirikiriroa

Barbara Bilcich is sharing the exciting news of an event for Moana Pasifika artists to connect and be inspired.

11 Aug 2023


Toi Maaori ki Kirikiriroa Waananga

He kai moo too kete – Food for your basket

9 Aug 2023


Nurturing Wellbeing Through Creativity

Nick Clothier meets with Matamata Intermediate to investigate their unique Creatives in Schools journey.

7 Aug 2023


Waikato Performing Arts Strategy

Developed with our community to enhance the future of Performing Arts in the Waikato.

4 Aug 2023


The door is open for new Committee Members

Hamilton City Council Creative Communities Scheme Funding Committee are calling for nominations… Now!

27 Jul 2023


Artists, connection and community – an observation of Whiria Te Tāngata

A catch up with Whiria te Tāngata as we share the connection between artist and community.

18 Jul 2023


ELEVATE: towards a growing and thriving creative sector

Megan Lyon explores the Elevate programme over time after its initial launch.

7 Jul 2023


Restorative Energies: Art and Healing

How does the wellbeing benefits of artistic activity support healing and healthcare? Dr. Jeremy Mayall explores the connection.

12 Jun 2023


Does creative activity allow you to bend time?

Dr. Jeremy Mayall is analysing the marvellous contemplation of the science between creative activity and the perception of time and what…