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4 Jul 2024


The RE:ACT Tour: Mission Complete

Though the RE:ACT tour has concluded, discover how the real work has only just begun.

2 Jul 2024


We Want to Celebrate You!

Creativity Lives in Waikato is our new campaign that celebrates you our creative gems!

1 Jul 2024


Elevate Programme on Pause

Creative Waikato shares official statement on the end of the Creative Careers Service Pilot

26 Jun 2024


Creativity Every Day: Wellbeing in a time when it is needed most

“It’s been brilliant!” Craig Bulloch shares his honest and enlightening experience with Creativity Every Day.

14 Jun 2024


Measuring the Immeasurable

Insights into the impact of Whiria te Tāngata

4 Jun 2024


Change and Development: How creativity can help us create a thriving tomorrow

How creativity can help us create a thriving tomorrow

30 May 2024


Finding Waikato Artists

Learn how creativity flourishes in every corner and local artists shape our communities.

20 May 2024


Announcement! ArtReach is live and rolling

ArtReach is back! Free, on-demand workshops that can help Waikato artists and community groups enhance their work efficiently and…

25 Apr 2024


Creativity and Counter-Austerity Measures 

Amidst the whirlwind of uncertainty, there’s a beacon of hope waiting to be discovered: creativity.

19 Apr 2024


Creativity, Innovation and Growth

Imagining thriving futures with people at the heart.

12 Apr 2024


Creativity: for the public good

Community Voices on the impact of arts, culture, creativity and ngaa toi Maaori in local government.

12 Apr 2024


Future for Community and Arts Infrastructure uncertain amid funding cuts at Hamilton City Council

Are you aware of the crisis that is threatening the creative ecosystem here in Kirikiriroa?

9 Apr 2024


Joyful Steps To Community Advocacy

You’re go-to guide to demystify citizenship, delve into community power and offer you tips on discussing arts.

4 Apr 2024


Creative Waikato’s RE:ACT tour invigorating Waikato communities

We heard the call of Waikato Creative Communities. Now is the time for us to RE:ACT.

27 Mar 2024


LTP – What is a Long Term Plan and why should I contribute?

Democracy works when people utilise their voice. This doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a simple.

15 Mar 2024


Incorporated Societies Changes – Things you need to know

Did you know that major changes in incorporated societies are shaking up rules that have been stagnant for 114 years? Learn how this may…

1 Mar 2024


People Are Creative

Does the concept of “growing up” disrupt the flow of our innate nature of being creative?

1 Feb 2024


Think What No One Else Thought

Embrace creativity and expand your mind. Dr. Jeremy Mayall explores the transformative power of creativity for continuous growth.

31 Jan 2024


Understanding the first 100 days: a look at community advocacy

Dr. Aimee Anderson-O’Connor navigates you through the consequences, shares insights, opportunities and a compelling call to action for…

26 Jan 2024


Kirikiriroa’s Creative Pulse Thrives with HCC CCS Support

Writer Megan Lyon investigates how the Creative Communities Scheme fuels Kirikiriroa’s creative ecosystem.

16 Jan 2024


Toi Maaori Waananga reblooming in Kirikiriroa

It’s back and bringing Toi Maaori back into the spotlight for 2024.

15 Jan 2024


Hamilton City Council Creative Communities Scheme is open!

Starting 2024 with a funding hit!