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Building creative
humans through

Information, resources and inspiration to support teachers and tamariki to encourage creativity in education.

Why Creative Education?

A rich and successful education system does not only teach facts. A rich and successful education system teaches students:

  • How to learn
  • That learning has value outside of assessment
  • That learning is an individual process which is different for everyone
  • That learning never ends

This is a given, or should be, in any public education system. 

The people we’re teaching right now are entering a new and often confusing, challenging and changing world. 

50% of the jobs that exist now, will not exist by the time a child entering new entrants today leaves school. In the future, Students will have to choose from pathways that largely do not exist yet. They will exist in a paradigm where the current ideas of career and employment will be utterly different from that which exists right now.

It’s clear that we can’t teach the facts that they will need to know. The best thing we can do to prepare them for an uncertain future, is to teach them how to be:

  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Fearless
  • Capable

The rate of change that our tamariki are experiencing is unparalleled in human history.

They will be dealing with social and environmental challenges that require flexibility and tenacity but will also be the drivers of a society that creates beautiful and necessary change.

And how do we get them ready for that?

By fostering creativity. By making creativity not a subject area but a seamlessly integrated way of learning. A way of being. By giving them frequent opportunities to collaborate, innovate and create.

Through Creative Education.

Let’s work together on the steps you can take to achieve this now.