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Developing skills
and enhancing
your mahi

ArtReach workshops are a free rauemi built especially for community groups, organisations, trusts, boards and collectives.

About ArtReach

The ArtReach workshops are interactive and bursting with super useful bits ‘n’ bobs, each workshop is practically designed for real world use, with the space to tackle the mahi your group is currently focused on. Ensuring our Waikato artists and arts organisers have the super skills and confidence to develop, enhance and smash their mahi. 

Workshops are mobile and can take place throughout the Waikato region. If there’s a workshop you fancy, and 6+ of you are interested, we’ll bring the goods to your town.

Deep dive into the workshops below, and get in touch with the team to request a session.

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Strategic Planning for Creative People

Perfect for artists and arts groups wanting to get clear on where they’re heading, how they are going to go about it, and what their goals are.

Through hands-on learning, you’ll work out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and develop priorities and a practical action plan.

Become a strat plan pro by:

  • Getting clear on your purpose
  • Getting clear on your values
  • Setting a vision for your future
  • Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats when it comes to your creative work
  • Prioritising what’s important and making an action plan

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Great Governance for Arts Groups

Is your arts organisation a charitable trust or incorporated society with a governance group? Looking to set one up or join one? If so, this workshop is just for you.

Governance should keep the organisation true to its vision, purpose and values. It usually looks at the big picture, rather than the day-to-day details. The governing body’s role is to oversee management, not to manage.

We will take you through things like:

  • What is governance
  • How to set up a trust or society
  • Good governance
  • Board Members
  • Good meetings
  • Sustainability

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Raising Funds for the Arts

You’ve got a creative project, but you need the funds to make it happen. Write awesome funding applications, attract sponsorship and in-kind support, and use online crowdfunding.

You’ll create some practical resources that you can then use in your fundraising.

This hands-on, interactive workshop will cover:

  • Getting clear on your project
  • Assembling the dream team, working with volunteers and stakeholders.
  • Identifying resources
  • Writing a budget
  • Exploring your options for funding
  • How to get sponsorship
  • How to run a crowdfunding campaign

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Promoting Your Creative Work

Learn how to effectively and efficiently promote your project to make it a success.

What you’ll learn and immediately use:

  • Creating a promotional plan and setting goals
  • Identify your target audience (the people you want to reach)
  • Key messages (how you will communicate) 
  • Understanding media (posters, fliers, newspapers, websites, radio, databases) and digital marketing with social media
  • A smarter approach to make the most of your time and money

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Project Planning for Arts Activities

For rock star results, all successful projects start with a rock solid plan. Get a grip on project planning, and immediately start putting together the perfect plan for your project.

Get stuck in to:

  • Getting clear on your project
  • Creating timelines to keep you on track
  • Learning about resources and budgets
  • Assembling the dream team, working with volunteers and stakeholders.
  • Being aware of risks and conflicts
  • Understanding health and safety

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Developing Audiences

Grow your audience and get your community to show up for the arts. We want heaps of people checking out your mahi!

This workshop helps you break down your current audience and gives you the tools to develop, engage, and prompt more people to pick up what you’re putting down. 

What to expect:

  • Understanding what audience development is
  • The difference between audience development and marketing
  • How do you know who your audience is?
  • Market research
  • What prevents audiences from engaging?
  • Identifying potential audiences
  • Getting audience members along more often, or to new shows

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Touring Creative Work

For event organisers, venue managers, and those keen to take their creative work on tour. Let’s bring great touring works to you, and get your show on the road.

We’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of organising and executing a tour, from set-up and contracts, to venues, artists liaison and promotion.

The nuts and bolts:

  • What can be toured?
  • Options for touring your work
  • Options for bringing touring works to your town
  • How to be an attractive touring venue
  • Self organised tours
  • Joint ventures between creative people and organisers
  • Selling your touring work
  • Contracts

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Fresh workshops are always being developed — so if you can’t see exactly what you’re after — reach out anyway and we’ll see what we can do.