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Developing skills
and enhancing
your mahi

ArtReach is a community-focused creative development tool and resource.

About ArtReach

The aim of the ArtReach resources is to build capability in our creative communities, to help you to enhance the great things you are already doing.

This suite of workshops, toolkits and resources recognises the wealth of work that is already being done by groups, individuals and organisations in our communities. It is presented as an offering to help support that work, to strengthen the reach and impact of that work, and to help us all think strategically about what we are doing so that we can be sure that it is best serving the communities that we are connected to.

ArtReach has been specifically designed for creatives in our Waikato region. If you are located outside of our region, please get in touch with us to express your interest.

How to use ArtReach

These workshops are presented in an e-learning video format so this can be done at a time that works best for you and your group, and to ensure that this information is accessible as possible.

You can choose how to best work through each workshop and consider the time you have available to work through the activities and exercises. Along with the video workshop, there is a supporting PDF toolkit and some downloadable templates where relevant, to give you all the resources and information you need to make the most of this training.

We use Mighty Networks to host ArtReach so to get access, join our network below and request access to our ArtReach series.

Request Access Here

Please note it may take us a few days to approve your request but rest assured, we are working on it.

Good governance strengthens your organisational impact and keeps true to a vision and purpose.

Waikato Arts Navigator; a region-wide strategy for arts and culture and how you can use it.

Explore the idea of creative wellbeing and the connection between creativity and community hauora.

An introduction to strategic planning to help strengthen the creative and operational activity.

An introduction to being able to evaluate, gain insights and understand the impact of your mahi.

A step-by-step to help you understand the key building blocks to sourcing funding for your project.

Encourage your audiences to feel a strong connection with you and your mahi.

Find tools to help use arts, culture and creativity as superpowers in the face of climate change.

Tips, tricks and ways to help you and those you work with, stay safe and healthy in an arts context.

Promotion and storytelling are crucial to any arts organisation so learn tips and tricks to help.

An introduction to project planning and the key steps to create a successful project.

The Creative Waikato team is always here.

The team are here to provide support, answer questions, or share additional insights if needed. Because each organisation is unique, we provide the framework in the video and resources so that you can do some of that foundational groundwork to get clear on your scope and intentions, and then you can get that fresh set of external eyes from the CW team to assist in navigating the process of further refinement and implementing your learnings into your organisational activity.