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5 May 2020

The Art Of Simplicity

To me, some of the ultimate moments in life are when all the ideas and busyness that sit up in my head melt away. Often that will happen in instances of simple beauty and focus.

One moment in particular that sticks out in my mind, was riding my bike up Brookfield Street, a picturesque street in Hamilton East. Running alongside the footpath on each side are giant trees with branches that stretch out over the road. It was during a time when all the flower petals were falling, the street was unusually silent and I remember biking up the middle of the road sitting back on my seat with my hands free of the handlebars. Leaning back I looked up to find the sky raining flowers and it completely brought me into the present, I felt a sense of calm and pure bliss. It was so powerful because the feeling was extraordinarily beautiful yet so simple to achieve, those moments are around us all the time waiting for us to tune in.

One way to see this lockdown is as a deep breath, a very rare moment to find clarity instead of busyness and in that perhaps see the simple bliss that is all around us.

Paul Bradley, known as PaulyB in the visual art community is a Waikato based muralist, street artist and live visual performance artist. He uses his talent and experience to activate spaces and minds with colours and ideas. Paul is available for commissions and festivals.

Facebook: @pauly.b.artist
Instagram: @pauly.b.artist