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Alexis Holmes

Operations Manager

Meet Alexis Holmes, our Operations Manager.

Also known as the in-house Alexa, Alexis has a mind for problem-solving with an eye always on the future. Taking care of the internal workings of the organisation, Alexis often has a cup of coffee in her hand while looking into the efficiency of systems, supporting the wider Creative Waikato team and having a good laugh.

Born and raised in rural Waikato, Alexis has a passion and love for small rural communities. A background in many industries, she continues to be the in-house counsel on anything beauty and real estate related.

In her spare time, you will often find Alexis in the musical theatre world. Whether performing, teaching or creating, Alexis’ true passion is dance and being able to work with those she loves. She also makes time to tune in and watch a cheeky game of league (Up the Wahs!).