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Alexis Holmes

Operations Manager

Meet Alexis Holmes, our Operations Manager.

Alexis is the brain behind creating systems and helps keep the cogs turning behind the scenes. She is a problem solver who likes to think about future proofing, more efficient ways of working and supporting the internal workings of the organisation.

Born and raised in the Waikato, Alexis has a passion and love for small rural communities and the vast amount of talent found in them.

Alexis has a background in many industries and continues to be the in-house counsel on anything beauty and real estate.

In her spare time, you will often find Alexis in the musical theatre world. Whether performing, teaching or creating, she finds true happiness in working with others. She also makes time to tune in and watch a cheeky game of league (sports!)

Alexis still has those “pinch me” moments to be working at Creative Waikato – somewhere where she lives her passion during the day.

She is always down for a cup of coffee and a chat so feel free to pop in!