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  • Tears For Our Fallen

    'Tears For Our Fallen’ is a commemorative art installation created by Hamilton artist Elywn Stone The poignant installation involves 100 teardrops, embellished with a poppy for remembrance, cascading from a generic wooden cross cradled in barbed wire, symbolic… Read more

  • Cantando Choir presents Anzac Reflections

    Anzac Day - Cantando Choir presents Anzac Reflections Tuesday, April 25th, 3.30pm-4.30pm Cantando Choir, and Friends, invite you to join us at our "ANZAC Reflections" Concert St Paul's Collegiate School Chapel, 77 Hukanui Road, Chartwell Welcome to our ANZAC Reflections Concert taking… Read more

  • Colourful Cambridge

    The colourful Cambridge Autumn festival is back for 2017 with a stunning lineup of events from 19th - 30th April. On Friday 21st enjoy late night vintage vibes from Lyrica's 'Hooray for Hollywood' celebrating iconic silver screen songs.… Read more

  • Hamilton dancer's royal coronation into Hip-Hop crew

    Nowadays hip-hop is more than just popping and locking, as three Hamilton girls will tell you. Sami Nieschmidt, 13, Maiya Smith, 12 and Moana Davis, 12, have all made grand steps towards dancing royalty after being selected for some… Read more


Toi Māori Waikato : Kia Hua, Kia Puawai

How can Māori artists be supported to achieve their wawata? Share your whakaaro in the survey link below. Mauri Ora.… Read more


Artist Profile - Sue Gordon, Portrait Artist

Susan Gordon is a representational portrait artist and she lives and works from home in Te Awamutu.  Now retired she can live her dream and paint from dawn to dusk, as the mood takes her. Sue works almost always in… Read more


Project Planning For Arts Activities

Thank you to everyone who attended an Artillery workshop in 2016. Next in the Artillery series is Project Planning For Arts Activities starting on April 3rd in Huntly. All successful projects have a good plan. Learn about project planning, and… Read more

Featured Events

Opera Showcase - "Encore"

June 10, 2017

Experience the best of Waikato’s young operatic talent with “Encore”, an evening of classic and contemporary arias, choruses and Opera scenes. Including… Read more

Of Dreams and Hopes and Love - Ailene Cuthbertson

May 26, 2017

Come, catch glimpses of heroines who swirl and fly through adventures. Where will their stories take you? Follow Paige and her dream that… Read more

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Peter Dornauf: Street art rejuvenates urban landscape

April 18, 2017

OPINION: Apparently Christchurch is listed in the Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top cities for its street art, along with London… Read more

Kathryn Tsui from Corban Estate Arts Centre takes up key Curator role with Mercury Bay Art Escape

March 11, 2017

The Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust has appointed Kathryn Tsui to the position of Administrator/ Curator in time to be part of the… Read more

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