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Imagine a classroom where our kaiako are creatively confident in shaping new ways of learning and thinking. With this in mind, we wanted to create a collection of resources to connect arts, culture and creativity across all the core learning subjects that our ākonga need to explore.


  • Macrocosm / Microcosm

    An interesting activity that utilises story-telling and visualisation to connect kids to the idea of the ecosystems that surround us.

  • Planets Dancing

    Discussing a short story about the solar system and making that story happen through movement.

  • Matariki

    Discuss the ideas represented in a play and brainstorm ways in which humans can act as stewards for each of the natural ecosystems.

  • Botanical Diagrams

    Get outside, identify parts of a leaf and combine that with some super-valuable drawing terms and skills.

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  • The Arts of our Hearts

    Engage the entire school community in a celebration of creativity and diversity in our multicultural society.

  • Adapting the Bard

    Adapting plays from Shakespeare connects students to the past and develops understanding of the human condition.

  • Hip Hop IS / AS Poetry

    Connections to literacy come in many forms. They come in forms such as hip-hop culture, rap lyrics, spoken word, poetry, and content that cover issues currently impacting students.

  • Grapho-phonemes

    Reinforce existing teaching around grapho-phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness lays the foundation for learning letters.

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  • Circle Art

    Whether this activity is a teacher demonstration or hands-on activity, it brings compass and ruler use to the students in a fun and artistic way.

  • Dancing Dots!

    Teaching place value is one of the trickiest Maths concepts to teach and learn. This activity utilises movement to reinforce other learning.

  • The Operations Crew

    To be used as part of the mahi around operations to reinforce the idea that it is possible to approach finding an answer in different ways for different people.

  • Music Squirrels

    Students will engage in clapping games that will build the synapses required for the under- standing of fractions later in their learning journeys.

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  • Technology of Seeing

    Involving a group of students in the lighting development/ design/operation is great way to show them that drama and theatre are not just for those on stage.

  • Making a Mark

    Students develop a simple machine with the stated purpose of placing a mark on paper.

  • Technology of Costume

    Involving a group of students in the design and development of costumes is great for showing them that drama and theatre are not just for those on stage.

  • Nature of Technology

    Allow students to create through the traditional ideas of Māori around stewardship of nature and Mātauranga Māori.

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Health and PE

  • Playing the Positives!

    Develop the skills of resilience through devising scenes around the Covid epidemic.

  • Dancing

    Help improve cardio fitness, increase muscular strength, increase aerobic fitness, improve muscle tone and improve motor skills all through dance.

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Social Sciences

  • Were you there?

    Learn about our past with emotional connection and empathetic knowledge through the Drama strand of the Arts.

  • Listen to the past

    Show the historical similarity between human communities. It allows students to share art that is important to them and as members of their modern communities.

  • What colour do I feel?

    This unit leads to a way that we can check in with our learners in seconds at the beginning of the day!

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  • Going Shopping

    Used for millennia to teach languages in ‘real’ contexts. But how about taking an extra 15 minutes to talk to the students about the techniques of Drama?!

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For everyone

  • Activities for focus

    Here are some exercises and activities that can gradually move our learners from the physical to the fascinated.

  • Draw a Duck

    Sometimes one of the things that can get in our way when we are thinking about being a creative person is that, for one reason or another, we don’t FEEL like an Artist or Creative.

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Developed in 2022 by Creative Waikato with funding from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage

Developed in 2022 by Creative Waikato with funding from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage